employee retention

Offering more flexibility to your employee’s schedule is an area in which you can be creative. This is one way to increase employee retention and give your employees control over their time at work. We are sharing 5 ways you can offer flexibility while still maintaining the coverage you need.

  1. Implement self-scheduling. Self-scheduling is when you let your employees know what shifts are needed and allow them to choose when they are going to work. You can use software or a paper calendar. Allowing employees the choice over the days and times they will work gives them control over their week. This will also offload the manager’s responsibilities of regularly making a schedule.
  2. Communicate with employees about open shifts and encourage them to share changes to their schedule with managers or the team to keep shifts covered.
  3. Offer incentives, such as bonuses or shift pay, to persuade staff to pick up additional or less desirable shifts.
  4. Offer cross training. Not only does this give your employees the opportunity to gain experience a new skill, but it will give everyone more flexibility as they can cover different shifts and roles.
  5. Look at offering a variety of shift lengths or different starting times. Determine what shifts would work to provide the coverage you need and then collaborate with your employees to discuss which options they would like to see.

This may not work for every business but being flexible and creative in this area will go a long way with employee retention.

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